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Eat Bitter

We loved Jennifer McLagan’s cookbook Bitter for celebrating this all important and quickly disappearing taste. While bitter signals the presence of lots of healthy compounds called phytonutrients most of us prefer sweet so we have been busy selecting and breeding our plants to reduce the bitter taste. Remember how white grapefruit used to taste? 

If we want bitter in our diets now we have to actively seek it out and one place to find it is in wild gathered plants called Edible Weeds. Thanks to our local organic farmers we have been able to ferment gorgeous fresh dandelions with our beets. If you would like to try a bottle let us know and we can bring some to the farmer’s markets for you.

If you want the goodness of bitter with a slightly milder taste then fermentation is a great way to prepare your bitter foods. You might even be old enough to remember your grandparents making Dandelion Wine. Talking about bitter - last year we were very excited to discover that our Bio-Beet Kvass has developed a very distinct ‘bitter stage’ during the fermentation process – its definitely a dynamic process!

Tell us about your favourite KVASS?

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