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"The Invisible Power within Foods"

Our favourite food initiative for 2016 ... 30 years in the making ... this fascinating and ultimately hopeful photographic study makes the quality of our foods visible. Finally, we can clearly see what our intuition has been telling us. Using high quality magnifications the author photographs organic and non-organic foods together and there is no comparison.

Quite simply there is a beauty and order in the organic foods that is not present in the non-organic foods - in fact the non-organic foods seem to be almost the reverse. When we consider that we are what we eat it's very easy to imagine that the coherence we see in these images is pointing to something much deeper in our foods - a nutritional "information" that is also vital for our health. As the author suggests - wouldn't it be great if we could see these images on our food labels!

The Invisible Power within Foods by A.W. Dänzer






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