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Seasonal Fermenting - Preserved Lemons

One of the things I love about fermenting is how it gets you in touch with the seasons and about now is a great time to make your yearly batch of Preserved Lemons. You can't beat the unique flavour of this lacto-ferment! It can be added to everything from tagines, stews, sauces and aioli, salads, pastas, sandwiches, wraps and platters, cocktails or mocktails. It's great for both sweet and savoury baking, easy to use and will shift your dishes to a whole new level! Amazing to think that lemons combined with salt and fermented could have such a rich flavour profile. We've raided our lemon tree for it's organic Lemons and have put a 25L batch on for our customers at the Farmer's Markets. Should be ready in a month or so!

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