Fermenting Workshop3

Fermenting for Health Workshop 26th November 2017

Jane will share her personal experience of fermenting, the health benefits of fermented foods and gut health plus demystify the fermentation process for you.

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Organic Bio Beet Kvass in SA and NT

We are delighted to be working with AVO Trading  distributors in Adelaide to distribute our Organic Bio Beet Kvass range in SA and NT. Our first order shipped today and will be in the stores shortly. 

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Iron deficiency - you are what you absorb

Organic Bio-Beet Kvass Iron Tonic is a functional wholefood rich in bio-available iron, essential co-nutrients and improves digestive health: impaired digestion is often associated with iron deficiency.  

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Happy Green

Bio Beet Kvass Reaches VIC

We are very happy to be working with Happy Green distributors in Melbourne to distribute our Organic Bio Beet Kvass range in VIC and TAS.

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"The Invisible Power within Foods"

Our favourite food initiative for 2016 ... 30 years in the making ... this fascinating and ultimately hopeful photographic study makes the quality of our foods visible. Finally, we can clearly see what our intuition has been telling us. Using high quality magnifications the author photographs organic and non-organic foods together and...

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"No more Reflux"

Stocking up with 5 bottles for the Christmas break one of our local customers recently shared that she has "no more Reflux" since regularly drinking Bio-Beet Kvass after having suffered from it for years. This means that she no longer needs to take a prescribed medication for Reflux and risk...

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Bio Beet Kvass hits NSW and ACT

Green Clover has been busy getting Organic Bio Beet into lucky NSW and ACT stores ... see Stockists for details.

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We Heart Beet Kvass - Cardiovascular health

Some say Beets have a similar effect as popular ED medications but without the side effects and in Russia, Beet Kvass is often given to patients experiencing mild cardiovascular events. This comes as no surprise to us as we regularly receive positive feedback on Bio-Beet Kvass and its effect on...

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The Art and Soul of Fermenting - Working with Spices

One of the challenges of fermenting food-based tonics like Kvass is to extract as much goodness from the plant during the fermentation process into the surrounding liquid as possible.

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Go Wild, Spring is here.

Celebrate Spring and the unadulterated goodness of Edible Weeds with our take on the traditional Spring Tonic - a gorgeous Kvass that combines the sweetness of Beets and Fennel with wild-harvested Nettle and Dandelion. Extra long gloves were definitely the go when putting this batch together.

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Beet Kvass Brahmi

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) & Beets for the Brain

Loving our Fresh Organic Brahmi and Beet Kvass !

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BioBeet Drink

Mix it for Summer Coolers

Our favourite way to drink Kvass on long hot days. Beat the heat and boost your energy with a shot of Bio-Beet Kvass on loads of ice combined with your choice of tonic or soda water, sparkling mineral or coconut water with a squeeze of lime. Mint and/or berries make a...

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