Who we are.

For us the great thing about our fermented foods is that they give us the opportunity to restore the lost art of lacto-fermentation as well as bringing together the things we love; good food and health, family and community and the joy of being part of a co-created solution that promotes life.

Lacto-fermented foods really are amazing functional foods - to begin with they restore the digestive process as well as being rich in probiotics, digestive enzymes and easily assimilated nutrition. They taste great and work best when consumed daily as a foundational support for your health. It's hard to believe that we've denied ourselves these superfoods for so long! As we're beginning to learn never under-estimate the humble Lactobacillus and the power of the microbiome.

As a mum, health practitioner and someone who has had their own health challenges I wanted to share these food-based tonics with others and out of all the lacto-ferments Beet Kvass is my favourite - it's easy to use and it has a multitude of health benefits.

Bio-Beet Kvass was born four years ago when Fraser and I realised we could re-imagine our humble Beet Kvass into effective tonics for the modern body and health challenges. Since then we have been engaged in a fascinating and dynamic process of continuous improvement as we build our own bio-dynamic starter culture, recipe and fermentation process. Needless to say the ongoing conversation with our ferments has created lots of opportunities for education and innovation.  

We hope you enjoy.


Jane and Fraser Maywood


What’s important to us.

We use lots of fresh, high quality, whole organic food because of the synergistic goodness and biological balance it conveys. We do not use powders or extracts nor do we skimp on the quantity of ingredients so the health benefits stay real. We do not ferment in plastic.

Our products are hand-crafted from scratch in small batches

We ferment for a long time ensuring that our products are rich and robust with a complex flavour, non-allergenic and easily digestible.

Our vegetable based, hand-made biodynamic starter culture is fundamental to the quality of our products - Bio-Beet Kvass and Bio-Kraut. Using a biodynamic process provides us with the opportunity to create a ferment to its fullest potential. 

Our Kvass has a multi-layered taste of sweet, salty, sour and earthy with a slight hint of bitterness necessary for an effective tonic. We wanted our products to not only taste bold and great but to also embody the health benefits associated with re-enlivening and re-expanding our palates as each of these tastes activates elements of our digestive function and contributes to building our health.

Most traditions regard food not just as substance but also as a source of living nutrition and information – something that has been overridden in our current industrialised food model which often ends up de-naturing our foods. Through our ferments we wanted to re-member the importance of a living nutrition connected with nature.

Our ferments are purposefully simple and have been built over time - we don’t want to ask too much of our already under-resourced gut. It’s tempting to think that the more we throw at our health the better. When often what our body needs is simplicity and the chance to rest, digest and heal using the bodies’ own innate capacity to restore health.

While we embrace the beneficial effects of using new technology appropriately, we remain acutely aware that certain traditional methods such as Lacto-Fermentation still produce the best outcomes. 

We believe in a more beautiful world - all our products are made using sustainable solutions and fair-trade practices.

Like many good quality whole foods our fermented foods restore and build health by supporting your body’s awesome ability to heal itself, they are not medicines or therapeutic products.

You are what you eat, or rather you are what you absorb: Eat whole living food that has been loved!

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