How we have Kvass

  • Mix it up! Checkout our Cocktail Menu for deliciously healthy drinks.
  • Shoot it straight.
  • Spike smoothies and juices.
  • Combine with healthy oil and use as a salad dressing.
  • Add a dash to broth for a nourishing wellness boost. 
  • For a pop of colour add to dips, dressings, sushi, jellies or gummies.
  • The essential ingredient for an authentic borscht soup - cold in summer, hot in winter. 
  • Use as a starter for making your own ferments.


Bio-Beet Kvass boosts energy so this may dictate when in the day you would like to drink it. For best results drink approx. 30mins before workout or other activity, such as exams or school pickup. Great as a recovery drink also. 

If you have digestive issues, such as reflux, drink Bio-Beet Kvass with meals. 

If you're new to Lacto-Ferments we recommend that you start small and slow with 10mls (this gives your body time to adjust) and build up to 30mls or more daily. 



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