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Kvass Seltzer with Bitters - sugar free

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Kvass Seltzer with Fruit - sugar free

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Beetroot Dip

Vegan Beetroot and Kvass Dip

This prebiotic and probiotic dip is a healthful and pretty addition to a meze plate. Also, delicious with roasted vegetables or chicken, with fresh or toasted bread or dolloped over patties or pasta.

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Beetroot, Red Cabbage and Date Winter Slaw

Super simple brightly coloured probiotic salad to share with loved ones. Perfect with roasted chicken or vegetables.

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Plantbased Foods

One things for sure - no diet or whatever diet you've chosen to explore for health and/or philosophical reasons we all need more plantbased meals. For many reasons not least of which our Microbiome loves plant food! And the happier your microbiome is the healthier you are.

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Harnessing natural cycles for Fermentation

Full Moon and Autumn Equinox today. A special day for biology and nature and one of the natural cycles we like to harness for our Fermentation process. At it's heart Biodynamics is all about creating "living" bio-available fermented tonics that heal and the nourish the soil.

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Iron deficiency - you are what you absorb

Organic Bio-Beet Kvass Iron Tonic is a functional wholefood rich in bio-available iron, essential co-nutrients and improves digestive health: impaired digestion is often associated with iron deficiency.

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"No more Reflux"

Stocking up with 5 bottles for the Christmas break one of our local customers recently shared that she has "no more Reflux" since regularly drinking Bio-Beet Kvass after having suffered from it for years. This means that she no longer needs to take a prescribed medication for Reflux and risk...

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We Heart Beet Kvass - Cardiovascular health

Some say Beets have a similar effect as popular ED medications but without the side effects and in Russia, Beet Kvass is often given to patients experiencing mild cardiovascular events. This comes as no surprise to us as we regularly receive positive feedback on Bio-Beet Kvass and its effect on...

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The Art and Soul of Fermenting - Working with Spices

One of the challenges of fermenting food-based tonics like Kvass is to extract as much goodness from the plant during the fermentation process into the surrounding liquid as possible.

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Go Wild, Spring is here.

Celebrate Spring and the unadulterated goodness of Edible Weeds with our take on the traditional Spring Tonic - a gorgeous Kvass that combines the sweetness of Beets and Fennel with wild-harvested Nettle and Dandelion. Extra long gloves were definitely the go when putting this batch together.

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