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We are Jane and Fraser, the creators of Organic Bio-Beet Kvass, Bio-Kraut and Bio-Chi. Thank you for exploring our website and visiting this page to read more about our Kvassery. For us the great thing about our fermented foods is that they give us the opportunity to restore the lost craft of Lacto-Fermentation as well as bringing together the things we love; good food and health, family and community and the joy of being part of a sustainable and regenerative business.

Our family's health journey started when we began making fermented foods 10 years ago to address health issues. We knew immediately that there was something undeniably good about these traditional foods and that they needed to be in our diet every day. Lacto-fermented foods really are amazing functional foods and it's hard to believe that we've denied ourselves these superfoods for so long! As we're beginning to learn - never under-estimate the humble Lactobacillus and the power of the Microbiome.

In sharing our ferments with the local community, family and friends we found that people were excited to try fermenting but no-one had the time! This is where our skills in Health, Biodynamic Agriculture, Food and Engineering came together and Bio-Beet Kvass, Bio-Kraut and Bio-Chi were born. Our aim has always been to take these amazing ferments, maximise their potential as a health tonics and functional foods and make their benefits available to everyone. 

We hope you enjoy!

Jane and Fraser Maywood


helping to shape the future of food 

We use lots of fresh, high quality, whole organic and biodynamic ingredients because of the synergistic goodness and biological balance they convey. We do not use powders or extracts nor do we skimp on the quantity of ingredients so the health benefits stay real. 

All our products are hand-crafted from scratch in small batches

We ferment for a long time ensuring that our products are rich and robust with a complex flavour, non-allergenic and easily digestible.

Rather than than making another one off health drink we decided to ferment our Kvass into a tonic not a drink. This means that you can turn one of our 500ml bottles into 16 separate shots or 16 long cool drinks or 16 water bottles for your workout or even 3 jugs to share with your family and friends! 

Sustainability is important to us. We believe in a more beautiful world. All our products are made using sustainable solutions and fair-trade practices. We are powered by Solar power, all our organic matter is composted and recycled and we use glass bottles not only because they are more sustainable but also because they won't leach any nasties into our products! We never ferment in plastic.

You are what you eat, or rather you are what you absorb: Eat whole living food that has been loved! While we embrace the beneficial effects of using new technology it is clear that certain traditional methods such as Lacto-Fermentation still produce the best outcomes. Please note - our fermented foods restore and build health by supporting your body’s awesome ability to heal itself, they are not medicines or therapeutic products.


Biodynamics - an uncompromising approach to quality

"The Beet Kvass was out of this world! Perfectly salty, biodynamic and so nourishing." @kombuchabrewers

Having studied Biodynamics for years we knew this systematic process, whilst normally applied to improving soils and growing strong healthy plants, would be perfect for improving the depth and quality of our ferments by building on their key properties:  living; prebiotic; probiotic; postbiotic and bio-available. These same principles are also embodied in our vegetable based, hand-made biodynamic starter culture established in 2013. As custodians for our starter culture we are committed to caring for and systematically developing it. We believe that preparing our ferments in the biodynamic tradition is worth the extra effort and fundamental to helping us craft our ferments to their fullest potential.

We hope you also experience the difference!

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