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"No more Reflux"

Stocking up with 5 bottles for the Christmas break one of our local customers recently shared that she has "no more Reflux" since regularly drinking Bio-Beet Kvass after having suffered from it for years. This means that she no longer needs to take a prescribed medication for Reflux and risk its associated side effects. The interesting thing about PPI medications which are commonly prescribed for Reflux is that they are recommended as a short term remedy only and yet many people end up taking them for much longer. Needless to say if you can manage this digestive issue naturally all the better and what's great about this story is that we hear it regularly from many of our customers. 

Beet Kvass in particular has an uncanny ability to support the proper functioning of stomach acid production - this first and critical step in our digestion and where many digestive issues begin. The combination of Lactobacillus, Betaine from the beets, Digestive Enzymes and a low pH work together to restore this most important digestive function.

Drink between 1-30mls before each meal as one of nature's best pre-digestives and if your digestion keeps you up at night drink a small amount before going to bed. For extra support try our Bio-Beet Kvass with Ginger (which has been proven to be effective for Reflux) and enjoy a pain free feast on Christmas Day!


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