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The Art and Soul of Fermenting - Working with Spices

One of the challenges of fermenting food-based tonics like Kvass is to extract as much goodness from the plant during the fermentation process into the surrounding liquid as possible.

The amount of plant material is fundamental and we use as much as the ferment can adsorb.  Another key factor is how you prepare the plant: every vegetable, herb and spice needs individual treatment to maximise extraction and bio-availability.  Turmeric is one of our more challenging spices to work with -  but definitely worth the effort given Turmeric's myriad of health benefits.  Science confirms that this beloved spice has therapeutic properties relevant to over an astounding 600 different health conditions. 

As with all craft we love to explore ever more refined and innovative ways to prepare and ferment our herbs and spices for maximum therapeutic benefit. Whilst the recipe for our Kvass is relatively simple there are a large number of variations that have a marked impact on the final product.  We recently completed another successful trial with our Beet,Turmeric and Black Pepper Kvass to improve its potency: we hope you can taste and feel the difference! We think the new Turmeric Kvass is more gutsy whilst still walking the fine line between drinkability and efficacy. 


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