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We Heart Beet Kvass - Cardiovascular health

Some say Beets have a similar effect as popular ED medications but without the side effects and in Russia, Beet Kvass is often given to patients experiencing mild cardiovascular events. This comes as no surprise to us as we regularly receive positive feedback on Bio-Beet Kvass and its effect on blood pressure and for the same reason its effect on endurance during workouts or for some of us the afternoon slump.

We know that the Nitrates in Beets convert to Nitric Oxide in our bodies - which is critical for a long, healthy and vital life. Put simply Nitric Oxide increases the oxygen flow in the blood which effects every part of the body. In 1992 it was proclaimed "Molecule of the Year" by the Science magazine because it is so essential. Unfortunately, few people today produce enough Nitric Oxide for optimal health and deficiencies have been identified in many chronic diseases.

It turns out that Beet Kvass is a particularly good source of Nitric Oxide. As we know, Lactobacillus offer a huge suite of benefits - including helping to maximise the benefits of nitrates in our food by metabolising them into Nitric Oxide for us and it doesn't stop there it also seems that lacto-ferments stop or block the conversion of nitrates into the not so welcome nitrosamines (which is why some people get nervous about eating cured meats). The traditional duo of sauerkraut and frankfurter sausage may have been more wise than we currently know!

In terms of preventing heart disease, Nitric Oxide in our blood signals the surrounding arterial tissues to tell them to relax. That regulates blood pressure, expands narrow blood vessels, eliminates dangerous clots and reduces the formation of plaque. Nitric Oxide also lowers triglyceride levels and protects those with high cholesterol. By optimizing circulation Nitric Oxide affects every part of the body. More blood flow means better oxygen transfer and more energy, a more effective immune system that can fight off infections and a healthier nervous system where brain cells can communicate properly. Nitric Oxide also helps us to sleep, lowers inflammation and assists gastric motility.  

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