Ways to use

We recommend that you start small and slow with 1-10 mls (this gives your body time to adjust) and build up to 30 mls or more daily (for example first thing in the morning, with meals, in the mid-afternoon or 30mins - 2 hrs before workout/activity):

  • Sip or take neat as a shot - the way we like it!

  • Boost your favourite juices or smoothies. 

  • Mix for a long cool drink. Add to coconut, soda or tonic water with a splash of lime cordial for a refreshing drink. Add to your favourite iced tea. Use instead of red wine to make a gorgeous non-alcoholic energy boosting Sangria. 

  • Can replace apple cider vinegar.

  • Mix with a healthy oil (we recommend olive or avocado) to use as a salad dressing or for dressing warm dishes. 

  • For a pop of colour and flavour add to dips, mayonnaise, sushi or gummy sweets. 

  • The essential ingredient for an authentic borscht soup - raw and cold in summer or cooked and hot in winter. 

  • Use as a starter for making your own ferments at home including making your own sourdough starter. 



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